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Before coming here to the Garden Island, I lived in San Francisco where I received my BFA in fashion and started “Magenta Designs”, a collection of women’s contemporary sportswear. I enjoyed collaborating with other local San Francisco designers and was the founder and director of the “Extremes” series of fashion shows.

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After being invited to sail to and settling on Kauai in 1990, I continued “Magenta Designs” and began getting requests for custom wedding dresses. This led me to working with brides and hearing about the details of their weddings. It became clear to me that I enjoyed communicating with couples and that I could use my talents and eye for design to assist with their wedding plans. In 2001 I began working with a friend in her wedding company. In 2007 I received my license from the State of Hawaii to officiate wedding ceremonies. Since then I’ve conducted over 200 unions and coordinated many other wedding events. I love working with other wedding professionals including photographers, videographers, musicians, floral designers, and caterers. Over the years my photography skills have developed and I really enjoy capturing the essence and special moments of a wedding and can also offer a photography option.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us at Kauai Island Destination Weddings. I look forward to being in touch so that we can begin planning your destination wedding on Kauai.

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